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Beautiful plants, including annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetables,tropical foliage and mums can transform a deck, patio or walkway into a beautiful living space! The Urban Gardener programs are designed to make it as Easy as 1-2-3!™ Jennifer Kurtz, of Hubie Grown LLC, invented and created the Urban Gardener Products and Programs so gardeners from coast to coast will have an easy, reliable way to increase the beauty of patios, decks and window boxes. The Urban Gardener allows everyone to garden! Small-space gardeners Busy homeowners Patio entertainers Outdoor decorators Children & First time Gardeners Hubie Grown, LLC, is a Kurtz Farms company. Located in Cheshire, the bedding plant capitol of Connecticut, Kurtz Farms has been a wholesale bedding plant business since 1940. Today Kurtz Farms operates more than 50 acres of growing space with the help of three generations of Kurtz family members. To find out more about Kurtz Farms, please visit www-kurtz-farms.com

Pumpkin Pots from the Urban Gardener